Weaver & Weaver

Services 2

Advancing Success


  • Provide Interim Executive services in absence of CEO, President, Executive Director

  • Recruit board members who are strategic leaders, influencers with clout, advocates and contributors

  • Oversee overall day-to-day operations

  • Design staff systems, based on skill set and positions, define each as part of a team

  • Calculate budget analysis indicating strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

  • Plan a strategy to strengthen mission and plan for growth

  • Develop a strong organization of volunteers to extend operational support


  • Develop the brand based on core mission, competitive edge and development of the organization’s niche

  • Analyze existing programs to align with mission and brand


  • Advance communications of all forms to various segments of community

  • Research public relations opportunities that will shine light on organization

  • Consider securing awards for added publicity of excellence

  • Establish a calendar of regular bursts of awareness

  • Identify strategic partners to generate increased awareness with mutually beneficial relationships


  • Implement fundraising systems based on industry best practices

  • Create goals that will succeed in providing ample funds for the budget

  • Build an annual plan of various revenue streams

  • Train board members, key staff and volunteers to raise money, with full knowledge of the organization and its financial challenge


  • Identify the strength and weaknesses of all programs

  • Discover voids of programs in region and determine if they might align with mission

  • Explore additional new original programs to increase brand strength and extend earned and contributed income opportunities