Weaver & Weaver


Advancing Success for Nonprofits


Define Success

What comes to mind when considering your organization’s success?

Standing out in a crowd of other nonprofits? Having the boldest ideas to support your mission? Having the brightest and best programs to attract benefactors?

Specifically, success could build through an array of your individual goals . . . maximizing registration for a hiking expedition to help heal PTSI wounded warriors? Producing an opera premiere to sold-out houses? Increasing donations to fund groceries to feed public housing’s children? Organizing a campaign to fund a new electric grid in Puerto Rico? Saving the bald eagle?  

Barriers along the way can slow progress and inhibit a nonprofit’s ability to do the good it seeks. Economic downturns, an ineffective board, rising operation costs, revolving door of staff or sudden leave of the CEO, noncompliance with government standards, internal conflicts and fruitless plans, are all examples of obstacles that can hold a nonprofit back from achieving its desired goals.

That’s why we’re here. Weaver & Weaver has the experience, knowledge and capacity to help replace those obstacles with strategies that will help you reach the success you seek and mentor you along the way. Our goal is your success and your success is ours. We hope to help you with any challenge, large or small.

“I have known Jane Weaver for nearly 40 years. Initially she worked for me at Houston Grand Opera before marriage prompted a move to the East Coast. Over the years I have kept up with Jane and have been impressed with the work she has taken on. She has been extraordinarily effective as a consultant to non-profit organizations, showing keen intelligence and analytical skills, getting right to the core of the issues at hand and achieving a swift, clear result.  I would heartily recommend Jane if you are considering engaging her.”

David Gockley, General Director Emeritus, San Francisco Opera; Former General Director, Houston Grand Opera